Monday, September 19, 2005

Corporate Scum

Click here to read an article I discovered while browsing on Fark.

For those of who yet again prove to be too lazy to click the links I provide I'll sum it up a little. Basically, a Winnipeg man is currently perfecting a peripheral that would attach to a car's engine and, through a series of chemical reactions, provide a supply of hydrogen and oxygen to the engine's combustion chamber, greatly improving fuel mileage and making for a much cleaner, environmentally speaking, burn. In fact, the numbers that the man tosses around in the article are so impressive, at least to me, that it almost seems too good to be true. Reading stuff like this makes me very excited and optimistic for the road ahead for humanity.

But then there's the cynical side of me that speaks up. Is better fuel mileage really what the big oil companies of the world want? I mean, could it be that if we could squeeze more and more miles out of a tank of gas that the oil companies would lose money based on the fact that our repeated trips to the gas pumps as it is are keeping them swimming in the moolah?

That's what sucks. We are on the verge of a technological breakthrough and, in all likelihood, the people who profit most from our willingness as a whole to allow ourselves to remain in the dark ages are also the people with enough power to see that technological breakthrough not reach the gas-pumping simps. Are we to have faith in the morality of these millionaires and billionaires? Are they more likely to see to it that we buy more gas more of the time or do what they can to help the environment and pocketbooks of the mass of consumers?

Maybe this is just another sign of how our system fails us.

Remember what it was like when you were a kid and trying to think of what the world would be like in the year 2000? I used to imagine flying cars and people living on the moon. Was I out of touch with reality on that one? You bet your ass I was.

But now I think that it was probably technologically feasible for us to be at that point. We could have had flying cars and cities on the moon. It just wasn't in the best interests of the corporate scum who profit the most from the way that things are.

That's what you get for thinking with your bank accounts.


Who made Steve Guttenburg a star? Anonymous did. said...

I read an article that said the flying car was not only feasible but some guy actually had it all worked out. If a major car company would have finaced his research we could all be doing it up Back to the future part 2 style. I hate oil companys even though they seem to employ the whole province. Oh well spit in a shoe at half past two I guess.

As a regular reader of this blog I have a request nay a demand. Well since I know you I am going to assume here that you know Brodie. Write a Blog about brodie. That is all. Mean, nice I dont care.

brodie said...

Umm... how about "no"?