Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And Now, The Bad News...

Last night the dream of a Stanley Cup being won by the Edmonton Oilers in 2006 came to an end.

For those of you out there who read my blog and are from the Edmonton area you are more than likely familiar with how the playoff run affected the city. Sure, there were riots and beer shortages and arrests and fights and just general mayhem, but while all this was going on, there was a sort of comradeship that bloomed here. It's really hard to describe. On one hand there was an almost tangible electrity in the air and just about everywhere you went you could just see how excited everybody was, especially these past couple of days.

More than anything else that is what is sad about the Edmonton Oilers cinderella Stanley Cup story coming to an end. Now the little microcosm of Edmonton devolves back into its normal state, people generally alienated from everybody else, loneliness, directionless. It's not that we are a people who are desperate, it's just that we will likely return our respective focuses to the other tasks and interests that consume our time. The playoff run was more of a thread that sewed all of us together, a sort of flag for us to collectively rally around.

And now that flag has been removed.

Even if the Oilers had won the cup the magic would have only been prolonged for a while longer. All magic like that is fleeting.

There is also some sadness I feel for the Oilers. Our city's boys put up a hell of a fight. For those of you not in the know on what was transpiring with the NHL, the Edmonton Oilers were the bottom-seeded team in the Western Conference going into the playoffs, meaning that they were underdogs insofar as the standings were concerned and, as such, we never had a series where we had home ice advantage. However, our team played like contenders throughout. They made believers of not only our city, but the whole hockey world. So yeah, I can be sad for our boys because they got so close. A one goal loss in the seventh game in the Stanley Cup Final is as close as it gets. But because nobody expected them to even get out of the first round, let alone get all the way to the finals, I am proud of what they were able to accomplish. So sadness, yes, but hope and optimism for the future always. Our team will be back. They will kick more ass. They have no reason to be down for too long.