Friday, February 17, 2006

The RIAA Can Kiss My Skinny White Ass

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The Recording Industry Association of America now says that ripping CDs that a person owns to his/her iPod is not fair use. How is that for customer service?

Think about it, you buy one of those 60 gig video iPods, like I just did. 60 gigs is a lot of mp3's, it's hundreds of CDs worth. Now, if ripping the music from your CD library to your iPod is made illegal what that essentially means is that in order to fill your iPod with music you have to pay for downloads. Do you know how much money it would cost to buy enough mp3s to fill a 60 gig iPod? At $0.99 per song at iTunes we could be talking about thousands and thousands of dollars all just to play by the RIAA's rules. Sure, you might already own many of those CDs, but it would be illegal to transfer them to your player.

That's bullshit.

I think that the RIAA is still bitter over the fact that they mishandled the emergence of mp3s from day one. They could have done some great things with the technology, but instead they chose to ignore it until it bit them in the ass and now they want to get their revenge on legitimate music buyers.

Bravo, asshats, bravo.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Joey Jo-Jo Come Back!

One of my favorite moments from The Simpsons occurred in the episode in which Homer was tempted to cheat on Marge with his new co-worker Mindy. In the episode Homer goes to Moe's to ask Moe for advice on the situation and asks him in the way that implies it's a friend of Homer's who is having the problems. Moe asks Homer what the name of his friend is and Homer ad libs the name Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabbadoo. To which Moe replies,"Good god, that's the worst name I've ever heard." And at the other end of the bar a man bursts into tears before running out the door with Barney calling after him, "Joey Jo-Jo come back!"

Thinking about this moment from The Simpsons always makes me smile. Right now I need to keep smiling because I can't go to the Raving Poets show tonight due to illness. I have a bit of a head cold and it's pissing me off.

Anyway, for now that is all. I'll post something more substantial when my wits are back about me.