Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Bottom Ten, November 2006

Oh my god. Give me a day or two more to get this one out to you. I know that everybody just falls all over themselves to read what I have to bitch and moan about at the end of every month. I was typing this thing out and I got to about number 6 on my list at which point I had to check out my sources on a story about Mike Tyson becoming a male prostitute (it was a story that turned out to be a hoax, thus nixing number 5 from my list). Anyhow, when I clicked a bookmark from my bookmarks folder to check said source I forgot that the blogger dashboard clears itself when I try to re-enter it. So I basically got a really good start and then it all fell to shit. I think the blogger dashboard might just make my Bottom Ten list one of these months for shit like this. Arrrgh.

But now it's late and I should really be getting to bed. So now I'll have to attempt to transcribe my brilliance again in the near, almost immediate future before I end up putting the November Bottom Ten out in late December or early January. That would sincerely suck on a biblical scale.

I assure you it will be up very soon. Sorry for the delay.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Weekend In Pictures

I promised photos from the big Christmas bash with all my friends this past weekend. So here are said pictures. Enjoy.

This is the group photo. I already miss everybody.

Quite possibly the scariest picture of Jeff (or anybody) ever taken.

Those are Jordan's real teeth.

Jeff zonks out with his fake cock out while Trudy and Dave look on.

Jeff attempts to give head to Trudy's hot water bottle.

Lori's flatulence is keeping that hat upward more than her hand. Jeff concurs.

The view of Pigeon Lake from Mulhurst Bay as we were leaving. It was all very beautiful in a stark white kind of way.

Sigh. That was so much fun. Now it's back to the ho-humness of my everyday life. I already can't wait for next year.