Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Very Special Post

Massive Missives has no passed the 1000 pageloads milestone. That's right, 1000 people have loaded up this page (may god have mercy on your souls). A lot of laughs have been had. Tom Sizemore has been berated. We've learned that Kevin Federline is a douche-bag. But, most importantly, you've given me something to brag about around the water cooler at work.

Hey guys, guess what, my blog just passed 1000 visitors yesterday!

Who are you?

Bless all of you who have made this experiment in my own vanity worth it.

Here's to another 1000!


Im so hungry I could eat Anonymous said...

1000 visitors and not one blog about about Brodie. Is that even his real name? No dont answer just blog it.

Michael said...

I broached the possibility of doing an exclusive interview with Brodie in the near future, but his booking agent is a tough cookie and getting down an exact time to meet and shoot the shit is proving to be difficult. I don't doubt that I will be able to successfully get the scoop on the world's first Brodie interview. Watch for it here in the very near future.

Anonymous is where its at said...

The worlds first Brosie interview...He MUST be excited. I too feel little shocks of joy at the thought of getting to know the person behind Brodie. Im cant help but think that he may be a rescue hero or something else of great importance.

Anonymous said...

OR Jordan you can just interview that funny little sick guy.