Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The First Embedded YouTube Video Used On Massive Missives. Mark This Day On Your Calendars, Folks!

I just figured there would be quite a few of you out there who would appreciate seeing The Tragically Hip's video for their new single "In View" from the forthcoming album World Container. Enjoy.


Mike said...

Haven't watched the vid yet, but thanks for sharing. A new album already. Wow. I'm still getting my head around parts of "In Between Evolution".

I love the Hip for their work ethic. You can expect an album every few years, and they're always compelling. A helluva band.

vasyL said...

gordy's girl is hot hot hot!

Anonymous said...

I love the Hip no matter what. I remeber the last concert I went to and I was so close that gords spit and sweat hit me in the face. I couldnt sit up enough I couldnt sit down enough. I knew not what to do. This Video though, this video, seems almost an attention grabbing stab at ALbertas labour issues. I have been in a few of those situations and well the rude waiter the fucking bitch hogging the payphone are no fun. I know what it is to have customers spit in your face and to spit in the face of those looking too much. Its a fine line we walk and I think the Hip want me to go to a casino and be a jerk.