Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Dawn Of The New Year

First off, let me start off this post by saying Happy New Year to you, my readers and regular visitors. May 2006 bring you all the joy and success that is humanly possible.

Secondly, I apologize for the relatively quiet December I hadwith regards to keeping this blog regularly updated. I had an actual busy holiday season this time around. It was kind of nice. Now that things are slowly, but surely, settling down a little bit I can get back into a routine that is comfortable and productive (hopefully).

So, anyway, I thought that I would write a little bit about some of the resolutions that I have made for myself this year. I know that most of you probably think the idea of making resolutions is kind of corny on my part since I'm such an outside-of-the-box kind of thinker, but it has been my experience in the past that resolutions can work.

This year, then, I resolve to...

Write More Often- with so many projects on the go between this blog, my poetry, Sometimes Sinister, and my attempt at a novel which I call Chicken Little: A Novel so far, it's definitely hard to physically sit myself down and write any of this on a regular basis given the demands of my life outside the page.

Stop Reading So Much Junk Publications- junk publications, you ask? I mean stuff that doesn't make me feel enriched after reading it. Even really bad books can give a guy a little bit of enrichment, but what I'm referring to specifically are men's lifestyle magazines like Maxim, FHM, and Stuff. I'll admit that sometimes there are bits and pieces in there that make me laugh, but, as a whole, they do little but make me sad because I wasn't reading something with more to offer, I spent too much money for such a trifle of a publication, and I'm addicted to them for some reason. I always get asked if I get them just for the pictures of starlets in states of semi-undress, but that's not it at all. I could go online and get fully nude women all the time if that was the selling point. I think I'm more addicted to the yuppie male lifestyle that this publications champion. More than half of each issue of those magazines is built around trying to sell you something. It's not just the ad space either, which there is alarming amounts of, but a lot of the regular features are parades of gadgets, the latest offerings from the entertainment industry, and the latest fashions. Why? So that you buy into it all. That's why most of the stuff is even referred to with a price point. Maybe I just like to fantasize about owning Burton's Audex Bluetooth jacket ($600), or a bottle of Navan cognac ($39), or the Bowflex Revolution ($2,399). Sad part is is that all the items I just mentioned all came from one article; it was just a parade of stuff I could buy. Part of me is going to miss the parade of consumerism I think. Sigh.

Get In Shape- okay, okay, this one is the resolution that just about everybody makes. Truth be told, I'm not in that bad of shape, but I definitely could be in better shape. I was visiting the gym quite regularly throughout most of 2005 until basketball season started and I started spending more time on the hardwood, but now I need to put forth the effort to not only keep playing basketball, but start going to the gym during those basketball weeks for weight training. I also want to eat a bit better. I want to gain some weight, but I want to gain healthy weight.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my small list of goals for this new year. I figure that if I make them known it will help me keep them because people can always start asking me how my resolutions are going and I definitely want to make progress then so as to not look like a failure.

Once again, Happy New Year and I'll be keeping you up to date on all kinds of shit in 2006. Kick ass!


Anonymous said...

What about Nilos? I havent heard from that guy for a fucking long time. What the hell is wrong with people who think that what you say to them is a valid point?
I generally dont do New Years resolutions but since I'm wasted let's see... Oh yes assholes who do resolutions, I hate them. I vow not to talk to them. Also people who stop commenting on blogs because someone anonymous says somthing the slightly bit swedish and misspelled. Drives me crazy. Dont you get it? It doesnt matter we are all drunk.

gravel said...

RE: Maxim; Stuff. I used to read these as well, but my interest waned when mark Golan left (which was several years ago now). Sadly, I also used to subscribe to GQ, the most pretentious magazine in existence, save Architectural Digest, which also used to grace my coffee table. These days the only mag I buy is Skeptical Inquirer. Only thing that makes sense to me.

Michael said...

I saw Nilos the other day, but sadly I haven't seen him posting comments in here. Maybe if the demand keeps up we'll see him make a return.

As for the men's magazines I sometimes get a good laugh or two from some of the material inside, but overall the experience of reading them leaves me unfulfilled. I do read several magazines that still give me information that I find useful, or at least infomation that I find interesting so it's not like I'll be without monthly offerings to peruse. It's just the blah consumerism that has become of Maxim et al.