Thursday, December 29, 2005

What The Fuck?!?!?!?!?!

Sometimes you'll see an article somewhere that seems to factually incorrect that you start to wonder about the author behind the piece. Was he/she sane at the time of writing it? Was he/she drunk at the time of writing it it? Was he in the midst of becoming a she and was so doped up on anaesthetic that he thought it was a good idea and just start typing a bunch of random shit to take the focus off of his penis evolving surgically into a vagina? Okay, that last one definitely didn't happen. I know that when my junk is getting fucked around with I don't have the presence of mind to even start thinking about writing let alone actually doing it. But I digress.

What we have here is quite possibly the world record for most typos in one published article...

Click here.

Um, Michael, I hate to burst your bubble, but that article was not filled with typos and was actually quite straightforward to read.

I was afraid of that. Did you actually get the gist of what was being said, though?

Well, I, um.....looking back at it seems to be saying that Patrick Swayze is experimenting with rap the holy hell?!?!?! That can't be right.

You see? It's got to be the world's biggest collection of typos. There's no fucking way it could be saying that Patrick Swayze is experimenting with rap music.

"Swayze recently said he was experimenting with 'rap rhythms as an emotional uncurrent for ballads.'"

Pinch me, Michael. I'm thinking this is one of those dreams where I show up naked to school. It's got to be. You know? The kind of dream where a bunch of random shit seems to get spliced together? Unicorns and Volkswagens? A hoodie made out of big fat pickles? Patrick Swayze planning on releasing some of his very own rap music? It's got to be a dream.


I'm afraid not.


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