Monday, October 17, 2005

If I Can Get Political For A Moment Here

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So George W. Bush talks to God? George W. Bush talks to God? What? Wait a minute. My mind is in the midst of being blown. George W. Bush talks to God? Huh?

Didn't Clinton almost get impeached for getting a cum stain on some intern's dress? George W. Bush talks to God? What? God told him to invade Iraq to end its tyranny? Huh?

Okay, seriously. What?

I don't get it.

Michael, George W. Bush is a very religious man and, in all likelihood, did have a conversation with God and if George W. Bush said that God told him to go to war with Iraq, amassing thousands and thousands of casualties then obviously it's what God wanted because George W. Bush is a very religious man and he would never dream of lying to the American public. Michael, take your head out from between your taut buttocks and listen to reason.

No, you are right, my buttocks are rather taut. I've been working out. But seriously, what? You can sit there with a straight face and tell me that you actually believe George W. Bush got instructed to invade Iraq by God? And Clinton was almost impeached for a cum stain in the Oval Office?

Here's my problem with all of this. You just know I have a problem with this because I'm writing about it. My problem is that a vast majority of the time when anybody says that God told him/her to do something and then, in turn, that action leads to even one death we tend to, as a society, label that person as insane. Why do we do that? I think it has to do with a fundamental belief that God loves the world and probably doesn't want to see us killing each other off. Most, if not all, religions have a "Thou Shalt Not Kill" clause somewhere in the deal. So, naturally, if God is telling somebody to kill people we just automatically assume that the person is certifiably crazy.

Shouldn't that mean that George W. Bush needs some quiet time and some meds, at the very least? Shouldn't he get a padded room and a staight jacket? Did God tell him to lie to the American public about WMDs to get them to rally behind his call to war?

There's so much that just isn't adding up here. I really hate getting political because before you know it I'll have a thousand right wing nuts coming in here and accusing me of trying to undermine the current administration because I'm some sort of left wing hippy. Really, the Democrats didn't offer up that great of a candidate and it cost them the last election so I really wouldn't go so far as to label myself a Democrat. I'm not even American.

Really, I just thought I would bring up the whole whacko idea that God's going around telling George W. Bush what to do. What I hate about it is that if things should ever go horribly wrong as a result of his executive decisions he has God as a scapegoat. If you want to go to war that badly go to war, but make it just and make sure that you're the one who's going to take the blame when all those people die. I'm not a religious man, but I hate it when deities take it on the chin because somebody has to be an ass-clown on the planet.

I'm just saying is all.


jordan said...

When I told you that I talk to an invisible giant named "Bernie" who tells me to steal drain cleaner from the Wal-Mart, what I meant to say is that I talk to God.

Stephen in Atlanta said...

Michael, I though you knew...he is the second incarnation of Joseph Smith, although he isn't a Mormon. Look who he's nominated for the Supreme Court. A simple lawyer with absolutely no bench experience, but she is born again. Maybe she's his spawn, who knows??

brodie said...

Meh... Bush has been making these kinds of comments for years. As you said yourself, it's a cop out. It's God's will that Iraq be decimated and built again from the ground up with American ideals, not Middle Eastern ideals.

I'm sure the iraqi insergents are claiming to some extent that God backs their efforts as well. So, which side would God choose?

Michael said...

I suppose that's how a horse judge gets to be the head of FEMA too. Ugh. Sometimes I think all he does to be the President of the American is pull out a Ouija board, smash it over a poddle's head, see what kind of words can be made from the bloodied fragments on the floor and it there can be any sense of discernable numbers formed by the pattern of the poodle's blood to figure out when these random actions have to be made by.

That would seem to be more in tune with God's will. I've seen Jordan do this numerous times.

Those poor poodles.

Adam said...

You know, even I were to type to really believe that God was talking to me, I certainly wouldn't tell other world leaders that I invaded two countries because, "GOD TOLD ME TOO." I mean, seriously, regardless of their religious beliefs, I think most people (or, at least most non-religious-extremists) would agree that, "God told me to," isn't a very good way to decide foreign policy. But, hey, that's just me.

Of course, even though my mind is currently EXPLODING, I'm not really surprised to hear that he said that.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that God will tell W. to bomb Canada if we don't give him our oil? Think about it people, he'll say he's cleansing the world of gay marriages and legalized marijuana! Can't wait till that psycho is out of office...3 more years, yeah!