Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Human Hot Box

Human Hot Box
Nothing short of remarkable
the way your friends’ smell
transposes itself into my wardrobe.

I always get asked
if I just got home from Amsterdam.

People rib me
by referring to me as the human hot box.

I go to work
and my cubicle
fills with the stench
of cheap pot
and sour failure.

I’m carrying a half a dozen
different taints
around with me in the world.

Today I found an old roach
in my jacket pocket

and decided that I need
to invest
in a closet that locks

and a doormat
that insists
this house enforces
a no failed cum stain policy.


m said...

Michael. This is the second post in a row to mention semen stains. Whats going on?

Selina said...

I think it comes from reading too much Chuck Palaniuk. Wait, there's no such thing! I think we can all relate to finding mysterious objects in their pockets. Or maybe that's just me. Luckily my roomates usually smell like cookies. Seriously, these girls are obsessed with vanilla-scented things.

Michael said...

I'm working around the theme of semen stains. BUt seriously, though, I think it's just a coincidence. I don't think the cum stains are related between the two pieces. Vanilla scent is very soothing. Anything beats B.O. and ass sweat.