Tuesday, August 16, 2005


And suddenly she just stops
and closes her eyes.
Silent for a moment.

I’m immediately dumbfounded
so I try to ask what this is
and she shushes me without hesitation.

Then her eyes open once more
and she sighs a sigh of relief
like all evil has just been purged
So I start in with my inquiry
and ask her what that pause was all about

I had to make a wish.

"A wish? Why did you have to make a wish?"

It was 11:11

That’s when you’re supposed to make a wish.

I had never heard of this before
so I press her for more details.

11:11, that’s when the clock is displaying all ones.
It’s the only time on the clock that has four of any one number.

I decide at this point that
she had just given me all the answer I would need.
I could ask for more information
on why the trivial matter of four numbers
would prove to be of any significance in the cosmos,
but I come to the conclusion
that wishing is what keeps her just a little more innocent
than she had led me to believe her to be.

“22 years old and still wishing?
What did you wish for?”

If I told you then it wouldn’t come true, now would it?

“I suppose not.”

Did you make a wish?

“Nope. By time I found out about this practice it was 11:12
and not nearly so magical.”

But what I don’t tell her
is that 11:12 is the only time on the clock face
that is 11 followed by 12
or three ones followed by a two
and probably just as significant in the scheme of the universe
so without stopping or closing my eyes
I go silent just for a second

and I wish that she’d never change.


Nilos said...

Mind you... 22:22 would work on a 24 hour clock. and if you use your argument about numbers following one another, then 22:23 would work as well... how about 23:45, or 12:34, or even 01:23... those seem significant to me. May I make a wish now??? :D

-/\/ /<

nilos said...

Oh, and by the way, on the topic of time, I posted the above at 12:40, not 11:40 as shown... you may want to look into that :D

-/\/ /<

P.S. This one was posted at 12:45, not 11:45

Jessica said...

Nilos you ruined everything! None of those numbers are anywhere as significant as 11:11 so just shove it up your ass!

nilos said...

I see the time issue is fixed... well done mikey.

As for jessica... a little touchy aren't we? Who knew talking about time on a blog could ruin "everything". Please accept my appologies. As for the shoving up the ass bit... consider it done. The 01:23 was a little difficult, but I managed. They have all found a nice home in my rectum. I did not mean for my comments to take the thunder away from the 11:11. I see now it truly is a "significant" time. I will no longer comment on any other blog that I read. Please have a pleasant evening :)

-/\/ /<

Michael said...

Thank you. It was a bit of a task to figure out how to change the time zone settings for the blog. I wasn't even aware that I could do that, but it seems to work now. I don't think that the point is to stop commenting on blogs. I openly encourage anybody to comment on anything I post because otherwise I won't have anybody calling me on my bullshit or praising me for said bullshit.

Anonymous said...

sometimes a little wish is nice.