Wednesday, April 05, 2006

An Email That I Should Share With You

Today I received an email from the grand poobahs of the Raving Poets that I feel I should share with you, gentle readers in case you were interested in making a trip down to the Kasbar to see twenty kick-ass poets duke it out for a chance to win $300.00 in Canadian money, which, by my calculations, is enough for 7 good lap-dances or approximately 150 really, really shitty lap-dances (not including medical charges for a broken lap and/or emotional trauma). Here's the email...

First, the Raving Poets invented the "Cheap Scottish Bastard Poetry Award".

Then there was the "Golden Fez Poetry Prize", recently awarded in Edmonton, Canada.

Topping those amazing prizes in one fell swoop, and upping the ante to poetry crews everywhere, the Raving Poets are proud to announce "THE RAVING POETS ROYAL FEZ POETRY PRIZE".

Not content to close our spring series with a pathetic, despondent whimper, The Raving Poets (a notorious, financially unstable organization) are giving away 300 clams to one poet. You read that right. And we're not kidding.

Interested? Here's how this cash prize deal is going to work:

The Raving Poets highly successful spring reading series, Rock the Kasbar, comes to a close on Wednesday, April 26, 2006. On that night, we give away 300 big ones to the "best" poet of the evening as voted by our celebrity judge panel.

Simple you say? Not so fast. JUST TO MAKE THINGS EXTRA INTERESTING, we've thrown a little curveball into the mix.

Each Raving performance consists of a 20-reader open mic with readers placed on the performance list on a first-come, first-served basis. At the end of EACH Raving Poets performance in April (April 5, 12, 19), the Raving audience will vote for their favorite poets. The top TWO poets from each Wednesday evening in April will automatically advance to the FINAL EVENT on Wednesday, April 26th, 2006. Those six lucky poets will have "performance priority" on the final night (i.e. – they get to choose where they are placed on the performance schedule). The remaining spots will be filled on a lottery draw basis. And at the end, our "Celebrity" judging panel decides who walks away with the 300 bucks.

Where does all this happen?

The Raving Poets Experience

Open mic spoken word/poetry

Yianni's Taverna – Downstairs Lounge

10444 – 82 Avenue, Edmonton.

8:00 signup; show @ 8:30.

20 readers only; no cover.

Bring your friends. See you there.

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