Monday, March 20, 2006

Hug A Rich Person Day

Cynicism today is so easy. I mean it's easy to be cynical. It's especially easy for me to be cynical of rich people. Why? Because there are so many rich people who are bent on becoming richer. It's no secret that there are greedy rich people. What does seem to be a secret, though, are those rich people who are actually taking measures, throwing their money around and what not, in a manner that benefits not just themselves, but the people around them, the less fortunate, the people of the world.

Click here.

Reading this story actually made me feel good. It's nice to be proven wrong about your cynicism sometimes. I just thought I would throw that link at you. Next time you see a rich person being nice to somebody go on and give him/her a big hug because their income bracket is all-too-often misunderstood.


brodie said...

What's with the slowdown in updates? Don't you realise that some of us live to read your blog?!

Anonymous said...

easy cowboy, life cant be that boring can it?