Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Click here.

You have to click the above link this time around. You have to. Why? Because it's a link to a video clip of Kevin Federline (aka Cletus, aka Mr. Britney, aka El Numero Uno Douchebago) rocking out to his musical debut "Popozao" which I believe is a trailer park word for a delicacy made from raccoon entrails.

And the reason why I ask you to watch this is so that you get a good idea of what not to do when you are a creative person who wants the world to take you and your craft seriously.

You see, Kevin Federline, in this video clip, basically introduces the track inside a recording studio and as the track begins to play he proceeds to "rock out" to it. Seriously, watch the idiot go. I swear he practically jizzes his pants listening to his own song.

And one word to describe the song? Forgettable.

You never saw Salvador Dali pause in front of his own works and say, "Oh my fucking god, I'm so fucking cool! Look at this, motherfuckers! I'm a fucking artistic genius!" You never saw John Coltrane pause mid-song and exclaim, "Holy shit, I'm fucking light years ahead of the rest of you motherfuckers. You should be lining up to blow me I'm so fucking great."

Do you know why? Because they let the creative works do the talking for them. They weren't trying to sell themselves as being cool, they let the work convince the world that they were cool. If you have to sell it to the world, it probably isn't worth shit!

Anyway, I just thought I would pass the link along to you. Who knows how long it will be up, but enjoy it while it lasts. Watching it myself it really makes me appreciate the creative folks who I am privileged enough to call my peers because they produce kick-ass work and they're humble about what they do. It also really makes me wish I could punch Cletus in the throat.


G said...

What a jackass.

And I concur. I'm pretty happy to be associated with so many genuinely creative and passionate and genuine people.

Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh K-Fed, your so gutta.

Adam said...

I'm still wondering which part of that song was actually "sung" by Mr. Spears. The voice sounds like a completely different person. I hope this turns into another Milli Vanilli, except even worse.

Anonymous said...

he likes his stuff mickey ha ha
doing art is like making love to yourself
for a while I hated my art and that was scarey

love and light
you know me from the back room as mad this is the first part of my name and my identity