Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Recovering From The Weekend

It's Tuesday already and I still feel like I'm recovering from the weekend. My friends and I had our annual Christmas dinner/party this past weekend at Trudy's house in safe, comfortable St. Albert. But just for that one night I think that our party made it that much more dangerous. Let's see some of the pictures. I had about 78 pictures on my digital camera by the end of the night and there are maybe four of them that I remember taking. There are also some pictures of us dropping trow and mooning for the camera which I've tastefully excised from the pictures here as that was a lot of pasty white ass to take in in one sitting. Here are some of the better pictures...

Jordan and Lori showing off Lori's winnings from the mini poker tournament that we had.

Ian is drunk and apparently maniacally so.

Darcy and Jay pose together. Darcy needs to work on his rock and roll look, though.

Jordan and our lovely hostess for the evening Trudy.

Lori and Brandon giving their reviews.

Playing Shrek Operation for drinks? Has that ever been a good idea?

Nadine is the night's first casualty after failing to successfully remove Shrek's tibia. Weak. I may not have graduated medical school, but I could at least remove a tibia from an ogre.

Jordan removes a tibia while Cory and Jay look on. See, Nadine? Was that so hard?

Yours truly takes another crack at removing a tibia. Why so many tibias you ask? Because Shrek has 17 of them because he's an ogre. Duh. Oh crap I hit the side. Now it's time for another shot. I guess Nadine was right. This does get kind of hard after you've been drinking for a while.

So after all the drinking game madness and poker many of us just passed out and slept over at Trudy's. Ah Christmas, it's a most wonderful time of the year.


Nadine said...


jordan said...

What's Cory looking at in that picture?

Cory said...

Nice ass!...I would like to see some pasty white ones though....what the hell.