Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nine Inch Nails

Today I've been walking with a bit more spring in my step because I found out this morning that one of my favorite bands is coming to Edmonton this fall. What kind of band would make Michael step a bit more lively and grin like a jackass all day like he did today, you ask? Well, Nine Inch freakin' Nails, buster! That's right, Trent Reznor and the boys will be coming to Edmonton on November 16, and I'm going. Woooo! I was tempted to talk about how I was walking on gumdrop trails and singing, "Tra la la la la la" everywhere I went all day before breaking the news about the arrival of one of the premier hard rock acts in the world because that's good contrast. Anyway, what's even cooler is that one of the opening acts is none other than Queens Of The Stone Age! This show is going to kick my ass! I'll see you all there I reckon.

It's been a good year of live music in this little town and I take all the credit for it. What many of you don't realize is that I had to keep wishing at 11:11 each day (a ritual taught to me by my friend Jessica). Why 11:11? Because it's all ones. I know it doesn't make much sense, but that's just how the universe works I'm afraid to say. You all thought that you had to work and scrounge and sweat away the best years of your lives to build a good nestegg when all along it was just making wishes at the proper times and poof, Nine Inch Nails are coming to town! Fucking awesome! Looking at my clock I see that 11:11 is nigh approaching so I should definitely get my next wish ready. Tonight I'm wishing for some bitching sideburns! Sideburn City here I come!

See you suckers in the A.M.!!!! Michael out.

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